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I can't remember the exact date but I think it was 93.sterns had been shut for a re-furb and we went to the re-opening.So as per usual before we left,from Newhaven,I'd already done speed,always started the night with a gram or two to get lively!! Haha can I say all this on here? Too late now anyway!! So we're in the queue outside and the place was rammed it was crazy,I had my standard 2 pills tucked in my 'raving pants' got through the 'search' lol no problems and walked in and honestly you could hardly move,just how we liked it,so headed straight for the underground,walking down the steps to calls of "E's,trips,wizz"all the way down, dropped one of my pills and for the next 5 hours was jumping shoulder to shoulder with a thousand others on the same buzz!! Dropped my second around 11ish and that was me gone!! If I remember rightly there was a couple of steps just at the back of the floor,I was stood dancing on one of these with a cube green laser all around me,I swear I was gonna dissappear into it altogether!! I fuckin loved that place,I'm now coming up to 40 years old and have kids of my own and I can honestly say because I was part of that whole scene I can understand more about partying and drugs and I'm able to be completely honest with my lads,(now 18 and 20) they love hearing the stories of the old days,or maybe I just love telling them!! Haha
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